Hello! Thank you for taking the time to find me. If you’re visiting The Kendall Road for the first time, that means you got my dad’s Christmas letter. It’s safe to say he was excited I was putting my very expensive English degree into practice via blogging and couldn’t wait to be my #1 promoter.

The Kendall Road is two fold- As a family we have found that we love to travel together and in a world of “This Airline Wouldn’t Let My Baby Onboard” headlines I want to encourage families to see the world without reservation. The Kendall Road offers advise, tips and experiences so that you can do the same.

The second part of The Kendall Road is my meal plans- why? I spend a lot of time each week creating well-rounded and healthy dinners for my family- why not share them?

I am so excited to have you here, but not yet. Please share your e mail below and you will be a part of my “grand opening”- It’s all a matter of time.


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