Solo in San Diego

Have I mentioned that JK likes driving fast? So much so that his races take him on many weekend adventures. While I love that he has this opportunity and a hobby that he is passionate about, this past race took him away from home for almost 5 days. 5 days that felt even longer than 5 days because of the 90+ degree Colorado heat. What do you do when it’s too hot to slide on the playground or take a bike ride? You go somewhere that it isn’t too hot! It just so happened that San Diego was boasting 77 degree days… um, yes please!

Location: San Diego, California

Travel time: 2 hours by airplane, then 20 minutes to the hotel from the rental car lot. Not bad.

Lodging: Paradise Point Resort and Spa. Paradise Point was the perfect fit for our family! It boasts 4 very family friendly tropical pools, 1 adult pool and has a private, calm beach. It has a plethora of things to do including water sport rentals, bike rentals and dining. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun swimming with my kids and it is something I will never forget. The rooms were recently remodeled and while not meticulous, they were stylish and spacious.

Each “neighborhood” at the resort had their own little pool and then there was a large main pool with food and drinks. We preferred the quiet pool and had fun visiting all of them to find our favorite.

Surry and bike rentals on sight, gave us the chance to tour the resort and gave my legs a serious workout.

Dates/Weather: End of July. The weather was perfect! No rain, low humidity.

Bring a stroller?: This depends on your stamina. Paradise Point is a 44 acre resort situated on it’s own little Island. Staycationers brought bikes, striders and scooters for their littles which was absolutely brilliant. Parents of young babies definitely need strollers. I opted out of a stroller and do not regret it, but I did end up carrying a child or two periodically which was a win-win. They got a free ride and I got another workout. If your little isn’t much of a walker, an umbrella stroller will feel essential.

Must see/must do: If you don’t leave the ground of Paradise Point the entire time, I wouldn’t blame you, but the nomad in me needed to see more. It wouldn’t be a trip to San Diego without experiencing Mission Beach. We especially loved walking out onto the pier and watching the surfers. Experiencing the sight (and smell) of hundreds of sea lions, seals and their pups on the rocks of Children’s Pool Beach was Reese’s favorite. My favorite was having a bonfire on the beach. Even better, Paradise Point sells wood and an entire s’more kit!

How was the Children’s Museum?: Closed, the children’s museum was closed. I don’t blame them though, we were there during comic-con! In order to stay true to form, we hopped in the car and headed to The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum (link) about 30 minutes away in Escondido. The museum is two large rooms- one indoor and one outdoor. There are several tables with activities, books, a loft made to look like a ship. The outside has some bubbles, a garden and a cool water/lego play table. Really though… we didn’t even last an hour. It was crowded, the ‘exhibits’ were missing most of their toys and it was quite outdated. Next time I would like to visit Balboa Park instead.

Be sure to pack: Extra swimsuits- things don’t dry as quickly as they do in Colorado. I also brought some small sand/pool toys, a large beach bag and the kids’ Puddle Jumper life vests- all of which we used daily.

Cost: $2,300 for airfare, lodging, rental car, food, a rubber shark Beau HAD to have, groceries, admissions, 245 visits to the Dipin’ Dots stand and activity rentals…. oh ya, plus another $200 when I bought a last-minute ticket for JK to join us on our adventure after his race for approximately 19 hours.

Fun Fact: I had our groceries delivered to our room by Instacart and it was a massive life-safer. Not only did I not have to drag the kids to the grocery store on our first day of vacation, we didn’t have to over-spend on breakfast and lunch at the resort dining.

Overall, I have my meticulously organized bags to thank for my successful (mostly) solo trip to San Diego. If you want to check out what was in my bags, click here.

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