Dual Citizenship- Do You Qualify?

Maybe I’m out of the loop, but did you know how easy it is to qualify for dual citizenship in a different country? Many European countries have a “blood right” that allows US born citizens to claim their right to dual citizenship if they can prove their lineage. I am a second generation Italian and Irish immigrant and it just so happens that both Italy and Ireland allow dual citizenships.

Now notice I said it was easy to QUALIFY for dual citizenship, that doesn’t mean that it is easy to obtain. There are many, many forms that you need to provide. I am lucky because, while not a pack-rat, my dad has kept every single remotely important paper that has crossed his desk since the dawn of time. I’m not kidding- he still has my elementary school dance recital programs stored neatly in some box in the basement.

Why become a dual citizen? There’s more pros than cons in my opinion.

Pros: simplicity when traveling an EU country, ability to work without a visa abroad, ability to own property

Cons: dual citizenship is not recognized in the US

Do you qualify? Italian. Irish.

Have you ever gotten your dual citizenship to a county you have never even visited? Please let me know about your experience and sign up to be a part of my e mail list so I can keep you updated on our journey.




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