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Welcome to Meal Plan Monday- the source of my sanity. I started planning my weekly menu in college just after I had accidently allowed perfectly good food to expire in my fridge. I was so upset that I wasted it and was pissed that the money used to buy it was gone too. Occasionally instead of meal planning I would be lazy and would just ‘wing it’ at the grocery store. I would come home with enough cheese to feed a small country and would fail to buy anything that could create complete and nutritious meals for the week- hello cereal for dinner! Today meal planning allows me to be prepared when the kids are suddenly ravenous and time somehow magically skipped from noon to 5pm.

You will discover a few things as you read through my weekly meal plans:

We don’t eat very much pork– except bacon. Bacon should be classified on its own. Beef, chicken, pork, bacon. There’s no real reason that you won’t be cooking a pork chop for dinner if you follow my meal plans. We just don’t really like it. Maybe you have a recipe that can convince me otherwise? I’ll try it.

I loosely follow a diet called Autoimmune Paleo (AIP)- it’s really meant to be followed strictly, but with others in the house who are not on said diet, it really isn’t fair to take away their potatoes. What is AIP? It’s like Paleo on steroids (except steroids aren’t allowed). It’s meant to reduce the inflammation in your body and heal something called “leaky gut” that many, many… many Americans unknowingly suffer from. I have had great success on AIP managing not only my little issues like eczema, but also my big issues such as my autoimmune disease and my failing eyesight. For more information check out:


I have a picky eater in the house- Reese, bless her heart, is a very usual eater. I have no algorithm to the foods that she deems acceptable, but I always try to incorporate something into our meals that she will eat… even if it’s just a can of black olives. Do you have a picky eater that doesn’t eat kid food? Lets swap stories.

I only plan to cook 5 dinners a week- we love Pho and have a blast trying the different Pho places around Denver since there are about… 576,315,875 of them. We also end up with leftovers on occasion, warranting a celebration since mama doesn’t have to cook another night (tip: use paper plates on leftover night for added bonus effect).

I don’t cook with recipes- which is sometimes to my demise when I make something we love. Instead I scour Pintrest, my favorite cookbooks and AIP websites for inspiration. I will try my absolute hardest to link you to said inspirations, but sometimes taco night is just taco night.

Thank you for going on this journey with me, and as always, I would love your feedback. Are my meal plans helpful to you? How the heck do you make chicken and dumplings like Jk’s grandma used to- no one knows?     






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