Meal Plan Monday 2

Chicken and dumplings– Ok, lets talk. I AM ON A MAD HUNT FOR THE CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS JK’S GRANDMA USED TO MAKE HIM AND I CAN’T FIND IT! For the past 10 or so years I have been trying to make JK chicken and dumplings that reminded him of the good old days and have fallen short every single time. Don’t get me wrong, he enjoys every single version, but apparently there is this magical dumpling that I am not aware of. Flat, doughy dumplings? I’m planning to try this recipe this time (but with a lot of extra celery and carrots). Wish me luck.

Lemon grilled cod fillets with orzo and asparagus– Apparently you can grill delicate white fish on a bed of lemon slices? Here is an example of what we will be trying this week for dinner:

Update: It worked beautifully! Be sure to spray your grill grates with some nonstick for easy clean up.

Grilled flank steak– with chimichurri sauce and fingerling potatoes. Marinate flank steak ahead of time for even better flavor.

BBQ chicken spaghetti squash– with whole wheat spaghetti for the little people.

Taco night– a crowd favorite. Taco night is a perfect way to repurpose leftovers. Can someone say fish tacos??

If you haven’t read it yet- check out why we eat they way we do and ideas to make my meal plans useful to you: Planning Dinner? Start Here!




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