My Top 5 Road Trip Must-Haves for Young Kids


I feel like I’m bestowing the most useful golden nuggets of road trip ease and entertainment I have to offer. This is my gift to you. Happy Birthday.


  1. Buy dollar store cookie trays for your children. Keep them in your backset pocket. Never remove. Why? Let me tell you why:
    • Snack/meal trays
    • Hard surface for coloring
    • Perfect for play-dough or slime on the go
    • A sweet little road for cars and trains
    • The perfect surface to decorate with stickers
    • And when all else fails, a nice, loud drum to get mom’s attention

  1. Two words for endless back seat entertainment: Paper + Scissors. We absolutely love this Melissa and Doug Scissors Skills book.


  1. Bungee cords. Trust me on this. I have used bungee cords from everything to securing the precious ipad between the two seats for both children to watch, keeping things secure on windy mountain roads, and a suspension bridge to drive matchbox cars on.
  1. Baby blankets. Aside from the nostalgia of being able to make use of my children’s Aiden and Anias blankets again (and savoring the fleeting baby smell whenever I get the chance). Baby blankets have been so incredibly useful on every road trip. In addition to being the perfect size and weight for a car seat snooze, we use them as:
    • A partition for fighting children. How? Bungee cords.
    • A little extra sun protection when rolled up into the window (backseat only, ok?).
    • Rolled up under the knees if you children complain of butt or back discomfort for those long hauls.
    • And when all else fails, a makeshift sarong when the inevitable carsickness ruins an outfit.

  1. Plenty. Of. Snacks!


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