The Most Underrated, Essential Travel Item

The Most Essential, underrated item to pack for every trip.


Prepare to be disappointed… initially.


There is no one perfect item to pack for every trip that will change the course of your life and fulfill you as a person… that is unless you travel with packing cubes. I said it. Packing. Cubes. Bare with me here.


These soft-sided little bags have no end to their miracles. Want to fit all of your families’ toiletries in one bag? Packing cubes.


Want to effortlessly find your PJs at 4 am in darkness of your hotel room? Packing cubes.


Want to blissfully zip open your suitcase and bask in the awe of the fully-utilized, organized carry-on YOU created. Packing cubes!


After all, part of easing the difficulty of traveling with your little tax deductions to be to ORGANIZED.


I have had my packing cube set for around 11 years. It was an initially underwhelming gift from my aunt until it used it for my trip to Kenya that summer. Game. Changer. Thanks Aunt Barb!

For around $45 you can score yourself a sweet little set of three sizes and begin your new life as a packing cube lover like myself -OR- for the price of $0 you can become a master of life hacks and use those nifty little bags that bed sheets or curtains come in. That’s right. Save your bed sheets bags, friends! You can thank me now.


You can see that they aren’t as sophisticated or majestic as my packing cube, but they get the job done and now when we get to our hotel I can simply throw my “curtain packing cube” in the swim bag and know I have all my sunblock essentials.

Want to be a part of TPCS (The Packing Cube Society)? (Ok I made up TPCS, but you’re still invited anyway.) These puppies are new from REI and they are going to be the first thing in my cart when I head there for their sale this weekend. The teal is so pretty.

While packing cubes are my most essential, underrated must-have for travel. There are some other essentials that make traveling with your kids a breeze. Sign up to be a part of my e mail list to be the first in the know.




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