Why Travel With Kids?

Why travel with your kids?


Young kids.


Kids who are so dependent that they still beg you to watch them poop.

Why is it so important that your precious spawn join you on what could be a very relaxing adult trip to Cancun, Las Vegas, (insert your dream adult destination here)? I can’t tell you to book a trip for four instead of two, but I can tell you why we do.


Here’s a hint: it’s not because we would miss them.


Of course we would miss them, but we have purposely chosen to dramatically change the interface of almost every trip we’ve embarked on to include our children, because we want them to know they are not the center of the universe.


Allow me to elaborate.


We want them to experience different cultures and accept traditions, food, and lifestyles that are unfamiliar to them are not weird… they’re just different. Different is what makes our lives rich and fills our brains with the precious gift of firsthand knowledge.


I truly believe that by allowing our children to go outside their “normal” and their comfort zone they are becoming better, more well-rounded and accepting people. As a parent those traits are one of the things I want most for my children.

Yes, traveling with kids is not always the easiest, but in the end it always feels worth it.


Welcome to The Kendall Road, welcome to our adventure in all of its messy and exciting glory. After all, adventure is life.




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